It gives me great pleasure to write these words of praise for Madame Simona Bitlan.

For speed, sensitivity, and success in negotiating a specific outcome, I can imagine no better Real Estate Broker than Madame Bitlan. She accommodated my needs and secured my price with such complete grace and goodwill that I came away not only relieved, but surprised and gratified. In the often crass and cutthroat world of Real Estate, I had not expected to meet a gentle and solicitous human being – but this is exactly what Madame Bitlan turned out to be.

Madame Bitlan knows how to elevate a mere financial transaction into realm of art, thanks to her great sense of delicacy, tact and professionalism. With such a person, one is truly remembered and helped as a person: no other attitude in the work world is more valuable than this. I will most certainly recommend her services to all my colleagues.


Par id3tech